Saving the Medina Cemetery

Where are the bodies buried?  That question still haunts the graveyard of Mariano Medina, Loveland, Colorado’s first settler.  The cemetery was torn down in January 1960 to make way for development.  Thanks to Bill Meirath and others in the Loveland Historical Society, the Medina Cemetery has been restored.  But the question lingers:  whose remains are […]

The Fire – A Poem by Linda Jessup

In going through my wife’s old (unpublished) poems, I came across another I really like: THE FIRE Opening the restaurant door I saw them huddled low Over the single flame. My arrival stirred the embers of conversation And pushed another log into the glow. Faces reddened in the warmth as tongues Of eager talk leaped […]


Medina Cemetery Mystery

Historian Ken Jessen just wrote two excellent pieces about the history of Mariano Medina’s Cemetery. A third article in the series is on its way. Here is the link to the first article.  The second article is here:  After the cemetery was destroyed by the county in early 1960, as Jessen notes, “the remains were […]

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