The Color of Lightning by Paulette Jiles

As a writer who has worked to give voice to an Indian woman growing up in 1840s Montana (Mariano’s Woman), I am awestruck by a book I just read entitled The Color of Lightning, by Paulette Jiles.  It tells the story of a freed slave named Britt Johnson who hauls his family to Texas after […]

I love this photo for the back cover of my new historical novel, “Mariano’s Woman”

This photo was taken by L. A. Huffman in 1878 at Fort Keogh, Montana, of Pretty Nose, a Cheyenne Woman, courtesy of Montana Historical Society Research Center Archives. Although the image is not of a Flathead woman, it evoked in me the spirit of Takánsy as I imagine her: strong, proud, yet troubled and unsure […]

Just published: my new historical novel, “Mariano’s Woman”

Mariano’s Woman, published by Pronghorn Press, is a historical novel featuring nineteenth-century clashes between Jesuit “blackrobes,” mountain men and Montana Indian tribes. Based on the true story of Takansy, the Indian wife of early Colorado pioneer Mariano Medina, award-winning author David M. Jessup explores the theme of what happens to souls in the afterlife.

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