Review of Breaking Clean by Judy Blunt

The compelling prose in this memoir about growing up on a northern Montana ranch makes you catch your breath in wonder. In Judy Blunt‘s telling, the landscape and its climate become a living breathing thing, dishing out both beauty and horror in Jekyll-Hyde extremes.  Frozen cattle, rescued from the harrowing blizzard of 1964 while barely […]

Review of The Good Lord Bird, by James McBride

I love writing historical fiction. Digging up dry bare bones of long-dead people and reassembling them with imagined personalities, motives and quirky character traits. In both the writing and the reading, one can break the chains of current reality and escape, Houdini-like, into an imagined fantasy world. At the end, most authors bring you back […]

Mother Missing from Beautiful Statue of Mariano Medina and Daughter

This beautiful statue of Mariano Medina and his daughter Lena, created by gifted sculptor Jane Dedecker, was installed at the new Larimer County building in Loveland, Colorado, in May 2018.  As much as I love the piece, I wish Lena’s mother, Takansy, were also present.  She is the main character in my latest historical novel, […]

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