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Little Sleepyhead, by Elizabeth McPike

Here’s a book for the little ones.  A sweet, bedtime story to read to one, two and three-year-olds.  It’s gentle rhymes are the kind of verse that when repeated, will pop back into children’s heads after they are grown up.  We sent the book to our new grandson, Orion, and can’t wait to read it […]

Book Tour by Laura Pritchett

One of my favorite authors may be coming your way. If you live in any of the cities listed below, be sue to attend Laura Pritchett’s reading and book signing event. She’s a prize-winning author from northern Colorado, and is a neighbor of ours. Two of her previous books are among my favorites: Hell’s Bottom, […]

Mariano’s Crossing Tour – View from Red Ridge

Was this ridge the secret grave site of Lena Medina, the fifteen-year-old daughter of Loveland’s first settler? According to David M. Jessup’s historical novel, Mariano’s Crossing, the beautiful young girl could have been buried in a place like this after her distraught Indian mother stole the girl’s body from their home on the Big Thompson […]

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The Reporter Herald posts an article on upcoming historical tour

History and fiction combined in tour of Mariano’s Crossing By Jessica Benes Reporter-Herald Staff Writer http://www.reporterherald.com/loveland-local-news/ci_28108484/history-and-fiction-combined-tour-marianos-crossing?source=most_viewed POSTED:   05/13/2015 03:31:40 PM MDT   Mariano’s Crossing “Mariano’s Crossing” is available at www.davidmjessup.com/ or on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. His next book, a prequel to this one, is almost reading to be published. Find out […]

Mariano’s Crossing – Book Tour of Historic Sites

In cooperation with Loveland’s Historic Preservation Month, I will be leading a tour of sites described in my award-winning historical novel, Mariano’s Crossing on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  The tour is sponsored by the Heart-J Center for Experiential Learning at Sylvan Dale Ranch. The event will begin with brunch at Sylvan Dale, followed by a […]

These Fishermen Don’t Lie

Ever ask a fly fisherman how he did?  Did you believe his answer? We fly fishing fanatics are sometimes known to exaggerate stories about our catch.  Hey, it’s part of the fun!  But at a river habitat restoration workshop on March 9 at Sylvan Dale Ranch, a group of anglers pledged to tell only the […]


Parenting with Courage and Uncommon Sense

Parenting With Courage and Uncommon Sense, by Linda E. Jessup and Emory Luce Baldwin, contains the wisdom of over 30 years of parenting classes run by the Parent Encouragement Program, founded by Linda in 1982.  This book is truly a gift for parents and all adults who work with children.  Sections of it read like […]


Trout Habitat Restoration at Sylvan Dale

              The devastating flood of September 2013 deposited tons of rocks and silt in the old river channel and killed most of the trout and aquatic insects.  Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Larimer County and the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, a temporary channel was re-established in March […]