Book Tour by Laura Pritchett

One of my favorite authors may be coming your way. If you live in any 51sZLbsMZLL._SL160_of the cities listed below, be sue to attend Laura Pritchett’s reading and book signing event. She’s a prize-winning author from northern Colorado, and is a neighbor of ours. Two of her previous books are among my favorites: Hell’s Bottom, Colorado and Stars Go Blue. Many of the same characters populate both stories, including an Alzheimer’s victim to tries to avenge the murder of his daughter before his disease makes it impossible. Very gripping. I haven’t yet read her new book, Red Lightning, but it sounds great as well: a woman who abandons her baby daughter to smuggle illegal aliens seeks redemption.

June 20, 5 pm, Skylight Books Los Angeles, CA 
June 26, 2 pm, BookPeople of Moscow, Idaho
June 27, 7 pm Auntie’s Books, Spokane, WA
June 28, 3 pm, Elliott Bay Books, Seattle, WA
June 29, 7:30 pm Powell’s Bookstore Hawthorne Portland, OR
July 1, 7 pm,  Book Bar, Denver, CO
July 13, 7 pm, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA
July 14, 7 pm, Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY