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Medina Cemetery Mystery

Historian Ken Jessen just wrote two excellent pieces about the history of Mariano Medina’s Cemetery. A third article in the series is on its way. Here is the link to the first article.  The second article is here:  After the cemetery was destroyed by the county in early 1960, as Jessen notes, “the remains were […]

Letting Go – a poem

My talented daughter, Yohanna Jessup, artist, meditation instructor, wandering rose, has surprised me by becoming a website designer.  Who knew my right-brained child could master computer code?  While designing my own website and blog, she has instructed me to post something here to test one of her widgets, whatever those are.  So I’ve chosen to post a […]

Gun Control in the Wild West

Irony of ironies.  The town of Tombstone, Arizona, recently proclaimed itself “America’s Second Amendment City” to celebrate its gun-toting past and Arizona’s current status as “the most gun-friendly state in America.”   Ironically, the famous gunfight at the OK Corral occurred because the outlaw Clanton gang violated Tombstone’s 1881 gun control law, which required visitors to […]

He Began to Die When He Was Twenty-one

Forget every stereotype you may hold about Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.  Forget you may not even like “westerns.”  Read Doc, the 2011 historical novel by Mary Doria Russell:  you’ll be richly rewarded. No need for me to add another in-depth review to the many enthusiastic ones found in the Washington Post, the Washington Times […]

My Review in Roundup Magazine

My review of Epitaph, by Mary Doria Russell, was published in the December 2016 issue of Roundup Magazine, by the Western Writers of America.  You can’t view the magazine online, so I’ve included an image of it here.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Buy my books for holiday gifts!

Holiday gift time is just around the corner.  Allow me to suggest my historical novels, Mariano’s Choice (just published) and Mariano’s Crossing, as great holiday gifts for people who love to read.  Order from Amazon or any other local or online bookstore.  Autographed copies can be ordered from my website:  www.davidmjessup.com.  Check out the nice […]

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My Nov. 17 Book Talk at Loveland Museum

Here’s the Press release that just went out on my upcoming presentation of Mariano’s Choice at the Loveland Museum at 5:30 PM on Thursday, Nov. 17.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hi!  Also, the Loveland Library is having a local author’s day tomorrow, Nov. 12, from 1-4 PM.  You’ll see my […]

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Colorado Author’s Day Presentation on Nov. 5

Author David Jessup brings Colorado history to life in his latest novel about Mariano Medina, an important Front Range pioneer. His presentation at Colorado Authors’ Day on November 5, sponsored by the Colorado Springs chapter of the American Association of University Women, features photos of the real characters who lived on the frontier during the […]

Taos News Reviews Mariano’s Choice

My new historical novel, Mariano’s Choice, got a nice write up in the Oct. 7 Taos News, reviewed by Joan Livingston.  I quote from it below, and the original can be found here: Mariano’s Choice, by Joan Livingston Ah, the choices we make. In Mariano Medina’s case, his was to “Run! Get away!” when he witnesses an […]

Cool Writing Exercise from Author Kent Meyers

Instead of using abstract words like “hate” or “fear” in your writing, try drawing a image of it instead. Then write a detailed description of the image without using the abstract word. This was one of the writing exercises offered by author Kent Meyers at an October 11 workshop sponsored by the Loveland Library. For example, […]