Cool Writing Exercise from Author Kent Meyers

Kent Meyers

Kent Meyers

Instead of using abstract words like “hate” or “fear” in your writing, try drawing a image of it instead. Then write a detailed description of the image without using the abstract word. This was one of the writing exercises offered by author Kent Meyers at an October 11 workshop sponsored by the Loveland Library. For example, “fear” might be depicted as a black hole at the end of a gun barrel.

Here’s the off-the-cuff image I came up with for “anger”:  “his hands took on a life of their own, fluttering demons, the first finger on the right hand jabbing ever closer to her face, the fingers on his left clenching and unclenching until, closing into a fist, it crashed into the door frame beside her.”  Fun to play with words like this.

Meyers’ book, The Work of Wolves, was the Loveland Loves to Read selection for 2016.  A terrific story, which Linda and I recommend.  Four boys from different backgrounds–a horse trainer, a German tourist, and two Native Americans–grapple with a cruel act of vengeance by a rich landowner, and discover their true selves in the process of doing the work of wolves.  work-of-wolves