Favorite Books – A Dog For All Seasons

A Dog For All Seasons, a memoir by Patti Sherlock We heard Patti Sherlock read an excerpt from her new book at the Jackon Hole Writers’ Conference, and we’re pleased to host her during her stay in Loveland. People who love dogs and people will be captivated by her book. Author and Animal Behaviorialist Temple […]

Book Favorites – Hell’s Bottom, Colorado

Hell’s Bottom, Colorado, a novel by Laura Pritchett LOCAL AUTHOR. Winner of the Milkweed and PEN Center West Awards. Wonderful interconnected short stories that knit together the lives of Renny and Ben, estranged grandparents trying to preserve their family cattle ranch while daughter Rachel struggles to protect her children from an abusive husband. The family […]

The Tenderness of Wolves, by Stef Penney

The Tenderness of Wolves, a novel by Stef Penny David J’s all-time favorite historical mystery set in the 1860s Canadian frontier. A French trader is brutally murdered and scalped. The prime suspect, a lonely teenager with a troubling secret, disappears into the frozen tundra as winter approaches. His world-wise, gutsy mother teams up with a […]

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